How a humble pottery mug changed two women's lives

The most remarkable things happen when you least expect them. 

In January of this year, I shared my process for setting my year up for success, a workshop called Live a Life by Design; centred around finding your purpose, creating a vision of the life that is authentic to you and setting the goals to make it happen. 

It was such a beautiful workshop, and l loved sharing how I lay the foundation to living the life of my dreams, every year.  The feedback I received was amazing and participants immediately saw a shift in themselves.

And then in May, I heard how transformational that workshop truly was, and how it had changed the life of someone I’ve never met.

One of the gorgeous women who did my program, Nik, decided that her life wasn’t ticking all the boxes she desired. Her work and personal life were going fabulously, however on reflection it wasn’t quite measuring up in the area of personal fulfilment; hobbies and joy.  Deciding it...

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What your Workplace design says about your culture & your values

blog Apr 28, 2020

Design creates culture.  Culture shapes values.  Values determine the future. 

Robert L Peters.

Purpose-driven organisations are understanding the power their workplace has in communicating their intentions and impact, creating thriving workplaces.  The ability to communicate this purpose lies within the organisation’s existing business intelligence; its values and strategy.  This intelligence, forms the foundations for the functional planning and aesthetics of the workplace, influencing the behaviours that instil this greater purpose.

Organisational values can be much more than the words that get stuck up on the wall.  Typically, these values are informed by the brand story of the business and show up through the behaviours of its people.  A brand story is not just the logo and the suite of colours, it’s the narrative that illustrates the history of the business, where they came from, who they are, what they do and what they stand...

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Designing your ultimate Employee Experience

blog Mar 31, 2020

Employee Experience… what is it?

It could be defined as the difference between attracting and retaining talent, the rewards associated with performance and the perceptions of the employee about the organisation, influencing loyalty and the ability to fulfil an employees potential.

Gallup define it as “the journey an employee takes in your organisation”.

Or… it could simply be put, that when you have a positive experience, people LOVE coming to work.  And… What if everyone LOVED going to work, and they could find their place at work where they felt at home?

Employee Experience lies at the intersection of the physical workplace, the organisational culture and the virtual environment; the technology that makes it all possible.


The Culture

Once thought to be the only consideration in creating a solid employee experience, the definition of culture and what it means to have a great one, we believe, has evolved beyond simply being the general...

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Why wait for opportunity? Create it!

blog Mar 04, 2020

If you knew that a decision you were making for your business could constrain its future potential, would you do it?

Surprisingly business leaders make these decisions unknowingly every day.  This decision impacts your two most expensive business assets; property & people.

When business leaders define their corporate strategy, often the last people that they would think to consult about its execution would be their workplace designers, and fair call.  Traditionally the role of the designer has been to put this many little boxes into the big box, however there is a new style of design philosophy evolving, one that takes a far more holistic approach to creating a workplace that embodies your organizations strategic plan and infuses every element of the physical environment with it.  Creating a space that influences and guides the specific behaviors needed to execute that vision. 

A strategic design approach looks at all the elements of what makes your business...

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