Designing the future workplace

Reimagining your physical environment to inspire human potential and increase business value

Melissa Marsden

Designing the Future Workplace – reimagining your physical environment to inspire human potential and increase business value

In today’s world, technology is impacting the way we do business and the way we work.  Which in turn means we need to look at why we actually go to "work”, when we can physically work from anywhere. 

Organisations are having to up the ante in the “war on talent” to satisfy the changing demands of the emerging generations as they enter the workforce, looking for increasing levels of work life balance, hyper connectivity, mobility and social purpose, whilst considering the needs of our aging workforce and their disparate work styles. 

In this digital age, organizations are needing to position themselves as an employer of choice and look at their business operations far more holistically, to create work environments which cater to developing technologies and increased levels of empowerment, engagement and mobility.

Today’s business currency focuses on innovation, productivity and customer satisfaction delivering increased profitability.  This business value is dependent on the people within every organization and their ability to align and perform at their optimum level, an outcome that is determined by the creation of the ideal environment.

By reimaging the possibilities presented by the future of work, organizations can create workplaces that deliver immersive experiences that speak to the organization’s values and purpose in all its physical elements, whilst catering to the diversity of employee needs to inspire human potential and deliver increased business value. 

Melissa Marsden

Melissa is the Founder & Director of COMUNiTI, a workplace strategy & interior design studio.  With over 20 years working with organizations to enable them to express who they are and what they do to not only their clients but also to their employees, uncovering who they were as an organization, what they did, what they valued, who works for them and what they needed to succeed at work

The result is years of trial and error, the creation of systems, processes, engagement surveys and workshop structures to delve into the depths of an organization to truly understand their brand, their culture and their purpose, their values and workflow patterns,  in order to support them in creating a workplace that expresses this in every element of its physical construction, and more importantly a space that supports people in getting their job done. A space that works.

Inspired by cultural transformation, organizational psychology and neuroscience, and in a constant pursuit to deliver environments that are consciously working to support the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of their occupants Melissa has brought together elements of numerous philosophies and scientific research to develop a methodology that delivers environments that support organizational success.

What if everyone loved going to work?  And… everyone could find their place at work where they felt at home?

Re-imaging the future of work requires a brief look back in history to understand how we have arrived at our workplaces of today, before expanding our minds to the possibilities of tomorrow.  With the rapid evolution of technology in today’s digital age, our value as people is shifting to an age where social competencies such as collaboration, empathy and entrepreneurial skills are in higher demand, and our work environments require a new approach to support this shift in work styles.

Every organization has a set of guiding principles from which they operate, their values and these values form the foundation as to how we show up everyday, our behaviors at work.  When we understand what it takes for us to be successful at work, we can begin to influence this behavior through the physical design, layout and furniture typologies employed in the space, to guide human interaction & behavior in a way that aligns with the goals of the organization.

These values & behaviors extend to include our overall wellbeing; mentally, physically & emotionally.  The health & wellbeing of your employees has a direct impact on the performance of your business, impacting productivity through presenteeism and sick leave.  Whilst providing a fruit box for your team is a great start, the ability to embed health & wellbeing initiatives into the very fabric of the workplace, that not only encourages healthy lifestyle choices, but also increases social connectivity leads to a sense of belonging and a reduction in depression.

Workplaces are designed for people; the tasks they need to perform, the colleagues they require to engage with and their individual preferences as to how and where they work best.  The evolution of the workplace is as a much a journey for the employees as it is the business owners and management tasked with its success.  Engaging with individuals and teams in the process uncovers insights, establishes ownership and enhances the success of the environment.

Melissa Marsden

Who are you?  What do you stand for?

Our brands and our cultures as organizations are intrinsically intertwined in today’s business landscape, no longer the logo that we stick on the wall.  Using your physical environment as a brand asset enables you to communicate a stronger & more compelling story to not only your clients but also your employees.  Today’s workplaces are experience zones that envelope people enabling them to “feel” the culture of your unique organization. 

However all this is well and good but if it’s not delivering business value then in it’s not a good investment.  Our insights into developing budgets, lease considerations and understanding the impact that your initial decisions can have on your overall project costs, and why choosing the lowest cost advice might cost you more than you thought in the end. 

Finally in Designing the Future Workplace, we show you the impact of implementing the initiatives and engaging your people will have on your business value as we break open two case studies and the success that they have achieved.  We’ll also outline your next steps and provide you with the upper hand to ensure that you take control of your project with templates and critical questioning to ensure you are getting the best outcome for your business.

Designing the Future Workplace will be published 2021.

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