Aligning hearts, bodies and minds, to create environments that positively influence our behaviour and performance, inspiring our human potential.

Aligning hearts, bodies and minds, to create environments that positively influence our behaviour and performance, inspiring our human potential.

Mel is such a professional and a very polished presenter, the audience were all really engaged from start to finish and we would welcome her back any time!



Reimagining the Workplace

Designing a New World of Work

How do we create workplaces that are literally magnetic?
Attracting both our teams and top tier talent to our organisation as surely as gravity.
With 4 out 5 people stating that they want to continue to work in a hybrid model, what shape does your workplace take?

About Mel

Melissa Marsden is a Workplace Dynamics Strategist, reimagining work environments to drive high performing teams. Her unique Workplace Dynamics Blueprint guides organisations to create a magnetic workplace that attracts top tier talent by aligning the hearts, bodies and minds to create next level results. She is also the host of the popular, Work Life by Design podcast. Melissa supports organisations to leverage their physical environments to elevate employee experience, empower high performing teams and unleash productivity.

As the Founder & Director of COMUNiTI, Mel has spent over 20 years guiding organisations and professional services firms to navigate a new world of work. With a client list including, APA, Hall Chadwick, Rugby Australia, Sunshine Coast City Council, Air New Zealand, Entain and many more. Her expertise in designing truly magnetic workplaces has seen 90% of employees reporting increased Job Satisfaction and clients reporting direct financial increases to their bottom line.

Having been recognised by the Australian Institute of Management and Telstra Business Women’s Awards for her transformational business strategy. Mel’s design excellence has also been recognised by the Design Institute of Australia, Good Design Awards, Alistair Swayne Foundation and Indesign Magazine.

Inspiring you to design your place at work and in life

Bringing a sharp focus to the things that matter, Melissa’s dialogue is on point and relatable. A thought leader like Melissa is a voice that cuts through the noise and provides a pathway to the future.


Collaborating with Leading Innovators

Speaking Topics

Reimagining the Workplace

Designing Dynamic Environments for Employee Experience

We have experienced an extraordinary amount of change over the past few years and everything we believed about “work” has been challenged. Whilst we’ve proven that we don’t need to “go” to work “to work”, what we have realised is what the workplace really means to us.

The pandemic has presented us with the most magical silver lining. It has awoken us to look at the world differently, and what we are looking at, is the beginnings of the great reimagining of our workplaces.

Connecting to the hearts, bodies, and minds of our people our workplaces become dynamic environments that become a magnet for people, integral to the social fabric of our organisations.

Attendees learn;

  1. The three environments that influence our experience of work and impact our performance.
  2. The science of human connection and how we establish community in the workplace.
  3. How to apply the principles of workplace design to inspire human potential, optimise performance and align behaviours to organisational objectives.
  4. Actionable insights through case studies demonstrating how people-based design impacted productivity, collaboration and financial performance.
  5. The 5 pillars that underpin the workplace dynamics in your business and their impact on employee experience and performance.

How your workplace can be an Asset, not a liability

Reimagining your Workplace for High Performance

What if your workplace was a key asset in driving ROI in your business?

With 4 in 5 people wanting to continue to work in a hybrid model, we’ve realised the true value our workplaces provide, and it’s not somewhere for us to “go” to “work” to “work”.

As organisations face the challenges of underutilised office space, fading employee loyalty and rising internal conflicts, what emerges is a lack of human connection. An ingredient essential in creating high performing teams.

With a data led, evidence-based approach you can design a workplace for any future, giving you investment confidence and establishing your workplace as one of the primary drivers of ROI in your business.

In this presentation Mel shares the keys she has learnt in over 20years workplace design. Attendees will learn;

  1. How your workplace can deliver ROI, attract top tier talent and enable next level financial performance in your business.
  2. How to apply the principles of workplace design to influence behaviour, enhance connection and optimise the performance of your people.
  3. Actionable insights through case studies demonstrating how people-based design impacted productivity, collaboration and financial performance.
  4. How you can reimagine your workplace to see bottom line financial returns; a Case Study on the highest revenue achieved in 36 years following the move to their new workplace.
  5. How you can accommodate up to 40% more employees in the same footprint and increase employee experience.

An authority on workplace design, culture and personal leadership, Mel’s welcoming and humble style makes her an excellent choice


Workshops for Leaders & Teams

Reimagining the Future of Work

Our employees have been thrust into a new world of work, one that requires us to work across multiple locations with more agility than we have in the past.
The opportunity to reimagine the future of work can be limited by the information available, what your employees know and have experienced. This workshop will open their eyes to new possibilities and begin to inform the path to a workplace for the future


In this workshop employees will;

  • Be taken on a journey looking back on the history of work to imagine the next evolution.
  • Understand the speed at which technology is evolving and what the impact of this will be on their future workplace.
  • Visualise the possibilities available to them in a new workplace environment.
  • Engage in an interactive discussion to reimagine the future of work and express their thoughts in a safe space on what’s working, what’s not and what they would like to create in their workplace for the future.

This 2hr engaging and interactive workshop can be delivered in person or virtually via Zoom and is tailored to suit the audience [leaders / employees].

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