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Over the last 20 years I have been working with organizations to enable them to express who they are and what they do to not only their clients but also to their employees.  A desire to understand how business really ticked, I began to find ways to uncover more of who they were as an organization, what they did, what they valued, who works for them and what they needed to succeed at work. 

The result is over 20years of trial and error, the creation of systems, processes, engagement surveys and workshop structures to delve into the depths of an organization to truly understand their brand, their culture and their purpose, their values and workflow patterns,  in order to support them in creating a workplace that expresses this in every element of its physical construction, and more importantly a space that supports people in getting their job done. A space that works.

Inspired by cultural transformation, organizational psychology and neuroscience, and in a constant pursuit to deliver environments that are consciously working to support the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of their occupants I have brought together elements of numerous philosophies and scientific research to develop a methodology that delivers environments that support organizational success for my clients.

Melissa Marsden

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Growing up on a farm in a small country town 2hrs west of Brisbane, I learnt early that to survive you had to work hard.  There was no other option as your entire livelihood depended on you getting out of bed every day and toiling away.  I also learnt that we were at the complete mercy of the land and mother nature.  It was the environment that we lived in, that dictated how hard we had to work, through rain, hail drought or shine.  

From early on in my life I became very aware that the environment around us has a significant impact on our lives and influences our ability to perform and to excel.

I believe that our environments have the ability to inspire human potential, and that the environments we work in, can either be working for us, or against us.  So, when we can create the environment we work in [without the effects of mother nature meddling in it] why wouldn’t you choose to create an environment that works for you, not against you?

As a multi-award winning entrepreneur and finalist three times over in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards, my passion for business and looking under the hood of the businesses I work with to see how they tick, has enabled me to develop the workplace strategy framework recognised in the Innovation Category. 

I am constantly seeking inspiration and the opportunity to inspire others to embrace opportunities to make a difference. As a mum of three kids, I understand the juggle and am a passionate advocate for parents returning from parental leave, I believe in ensuring everyone feels valuable, viable and visible, throughout this important time.

Melissa Marsden