How a humble pottery mug changed two women's lives

The most remarkable things happen when you least expect them. 

In January of this year, I shared my process for setting my year up for success, a workshop called Live a Life by Design; centred around finding your purpose, creating a vision of the life that is authentic to you and setting the goals to make it happen. 

It was such a beautiful workshop, and l loved sharing how I lay the foundation to living the life of my dreams, every year.  The feedback I received was amazing and participants immediately saw a shift in themselves.

And then in May, I heard how transformational that workshop truly was, and how it had changed the life of someone I’ve never met.

One of the gorgeous women who did my program, Nik, decided that her life wasn’t ticking all the boxes she desired. Her work and personal life were going fabulously, however on reflection it wasn’t quite measuring up in the area of personal fulfilment; hobbies and joy.  Deciding it was between lawn bowls and pottery, she started to look for opportunities to swing the pendulum.

A converted Garage, a simple request, a reignited purpose 

Looking to book an AirBnB in Noosa, Nik happened upon a lady who had transformed her garage into beautiful accommodation, but not before it had been a pottery studio.  Sparking Nik’s interest and reminding her of the promise she’d made herself, she asked if the lady still had her wheel.  She did.  She had two, and she would be happy to dust off the wheels and show Nik & her friend how to use them.  

That weekend, Nic found a hobby she loved and the woman she was staying with reconnected with her passion for clay.

As Nik and her friend were leaving, the woman's husband (a salt-of-the-earth kind of bloke) looked up from the footy and said:

"Hey, thanks for this weekend. I haven't heard her laugh that much in years."

Now, that lady rents out her converted garage AirBnB and provides Pottery Classes as an optional extra. 

Nik's quest for leading a life of her own design, lead to not only her own fulfilment, but also to that of a complete stranger.

That's some magic right there. 

So my question for you is; are you leading a life of your own design? Are the boxes you’re ticking YOUR boxes? Does your work energise you or do you feel on the brink of burnout? 

Find out more about how you can design a life that lights you up. 



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