Let's wrap 2020 up in a neat little bow and set your focus on creating your life by design in 2021!




Friday January 29th | 9am - 1pm AEST 


Reflect. Dream. Plan.

I'm pretty sure 2020 didn't turn out to be the year that many of us planned but it's when we get out of our comfort zone, that's where the magic happens! Taking a moment to reflect is a key part of integrating that magic in order to move forward stronger, with greater clarity and conviction. 

Give yourself a gift and make the space to reflect, dream and plan your success for 2021. 

Every year, I take 2 days out to reflect on the year that's been, find the magic in the life I've led, imagine the things I'm going to achieve in the year ahead and map out the plan that's going to see me achieve them! 

I've been inspired by numerous mentors throughout my career and I have collated the questions, lessons, and frameworks that have worked for me and woven them into a system that enables me to focus on what really matters and design a road map that guides my decisions and activities throughout the year. 

Join me for an intimate and relaxed workshop where I'll share with you my process.  You'll be surrounded by like-minded people re-imagining all aspects of our lives, mapping out our goals and intentions for 2021 and embracing the feeling that success will bring.  


Your roadmap to design a life you love in 2021!

During this interactive session I'll guide you through the planning process I use each year to realign my life and set my goals for the year.

You will leave the workshop with clarity on the life you want to design, your annual goals mapped out and your plan of attack for the next 90days:

  • Uncover your purpose, your reason for being, so you can create alignment and meaning in your life

  • Gain clarity on your personal values, creating the guideposts for your life

  • Reflect on the year that's been, the wins and the learnings to take the growth forward 

  • Set goals in all area's of your life and establish behaviours to support their achievement 

  • Set the wheels in motion with clear, actionable milestones over the next 90days

Do you struggle with a...

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Lack of Clarity

Are you unclear on your personal purpose and values and the the role that they play in guiding your goals?

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Lack of Structure

You've got no idea where to start in planning out the year ahead let alone taking the first steps to achieve your goals

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Lack of Space

Finding the time or opportunity to reflect and plan hasn't been a priority and staying focused is a challenge

One of my greatest learnings this year... 

We've had many opportunities to sit with ourselves and reflect on what it is that we want from our lives, and for me this has been the need to align my goals with my deepest desires, what my heart truly wants.  Unless I could connect with the feeling that achieving my goals would give me, that goal wasn't truely aligned with my deeper purpose.  

I'll share with you my reflection process to design goals that align with your purpose and values and how to imagine the feeling you'll get when you achieve them.

Create goals that connect to you and you are inspired to achieve. 


Designed for entrepreneurs, leaders and driven individuals seeking to take control of their life and career in 2021.

This workshop will provide you with...

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Surround yourself with like-minded people making the time and space to reflect, dream and plan

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You'll be guided, step by step through a process of reflection, alignment and planning to lay the foundation for your idea of success in 2021

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Uncover your purpose and define your values so you can align your personal and professional goals to take control and live your life by design 

Half Day Workshop


  • Digital Workbook to capture all your dreamings and put your plan into action
  • The tools you need to align your personal and professional goals 
  • Time to connect to yourself and other like minded and motivated people
  • Access to Work Life by Design Online Community 

The space and time you need to plan a life you'll love in 2021. 

My purpose is to inspire you to find your place at work and in life.  In this half day workshop I'll share with you the process I use to align my goals with the life I want to live and the steps I take to see it become a reality.  


Friday January 29th

9am - 1pm AEST