Greatness is achieved in the agency of others - Celebrating mentorship, guidance and collaboration

I’m not sure if it was Professor Scott Galloway who said it first, but he says it well when he talks about entrepreneurship and the future of work: “greatness is achieved in the agency of others”.

If you’ve started a company, scaled a business, or been a team leader, you’ll appreciate that at times it can be a lonely place, where waves of imposter syndrome leave you second-guessing everything! Buoyed by the thrill of chasing a big vision or goal, you push on.

Thankfully, my intuition led me to find like-minded entrepreneurial spirits early in COMUNiTI’s 10 year journey, and their mentorship, guidance, and support has been invaluable. 

COMUNiTI’s success has been a shared endeavour. I find that everything is better and a lot more fun when I collaborate, solve problems, exchange hair-brained ideas, and learn with others. 

So, as COMUNiTI celebrates 10 years, I also want to recognise the influence and impact of my ‘agency of...

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