Greatness is achieved in the agency of others - Celebrating mentorship, guidance and collaboration

I’m not sure if it was Professor Scott Galloway who said it first, but he says it well when he talks about entrepreneurship and the future of work: “greatness is achieved in the agency of others”.

If you’ve started a company, scaled a business, or been a team leader, you’ll appreciate that at times it can be a lonely place, where waves of imposter syndrome leave you second-guessing everything! Buoyed by the thrill of chasing a big vision or goal, you push on.

Thankfully, my intuition led me to find like-minded entrepreneurial spirits early in COMUNiTI’s 10 year journey, and their mentorship, guidance, and support has been invaluable. 

COMUNiTI’s success has been a shared endeavour. I find that everything is better and a lot more fun when I collaborate, solve problems, exchange hair-brained ideas, and learn with others. 

So, as COMUNiTI celebrates 10 years, I also want to recognise the influence and impact of my ‘agency of others’.

EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organisation, Queensland). I continually learn and grow alongside this group of peers — they’re incredible in role modelling how successful, sustainable business can and should be done. If I’ve learned anything from my involvement in EO, it’s that if you don’t have your life in order, you will never be truly successful in business.

Business Chicks. Em was one of the first female business owners I saw doing things on her own terms and it inspired me to do the same. From the Business Chicks inaugural conference in Uluru in 2014, to my trip to Malawi in partnership with the Hunger Project, these moments have inspired me and strengthened my commitment to a business that explores the edges and embraces all that I have to offer as a female in business.

Serenity Collective. Claire and Sophie are two beautiful humans who are bringing together like-minded people and facilitating important conversations about what humans and workplaces need to truly thrive. Through this community I have continued to grow my heart and mind, bringing back my insights to embed in the work we do. 

Watts Next. Sel, Ben, and the team have been by my side from the first day. Sel is a powerhouse and I am always in awe of her tenacity and drive for living life with no plan B! Together Sel and Ben have seen me through the ups and downs of business and the occasional and inevitable business doubts.

Coaches. I have always had a friendly ear to borrow in business, and I am so grateful for this. I have continued to learn and grow because of coaches including Belinda BrosnanTina TowerNik HatherlyAmber Hawken, and Michelle Broadbent. You have each seen me through a different season in my life and have contributed to the upgraded version that is me, today!



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