The Hybrid Work Balancing Act: Can we rehumanise the workplace and still work remotely?

blog change design hybrid work Oct 06, 2023

Can we rehumanise the workplace and still work remotely?

First published on COMUNiTI, October 2023

Many organisations continue to question their position on hybrid work. And it’s understandable, given that it’s such a multifaceted challenge.


On one hand, leaders are thinking about what’s best for the business:

  Are people productive when they work at home?

  What does hybrid work mean for our investment in office space?

  If people don’t work from the office full-time, should they still ‘own’ a desk?


And on the other hand, they’re considering what’s best for employees:

  If we introduce a ‘number of in-office days’ policy, does it erode trust and trigger turnover?

  How do we balance the need for individual flexibility and team connection?

  What impact is hybrid work having on culture?

As they ponder these questions and more, they often ask COMUNiTI for our insights. And while...

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Navigating Change: How to Craft Your Own Experience

If there’s one thing that we have learned in the past few years, it’s that change is inevitable. 

As our workplaces evolve and adapt to respond to the new environment that we are operating in, the rate of change can be overwhelming. With many businesses testing hybrid work arrangements, new work rituals and technology rollouts, change is being imposed on us at a rate we have never experienced before. Both at work and at home. 

That is why we were thrilled to have Dr Meg Hooper join us in the Work Life Lounge, taking us through how we can take control to navigate change, especially in the work environment. As a registered psychologist with a PhD in Organisational Psychology, Dr Meg highlights the extensive change that is happening to us and what we can do to manage our own emotions and experience of change. Let’s get started.


How do you want to experience work?

The first question Dr Meg posed is how and what do we want work to look...

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