Never before have we collectively experienced, such change on a global scale. 

The Pandemic, whilst on one hand has challenged us in ways that previously we could have only imagined, on the other, it has opened the doors to incredible opportunity.

The opportunity to redesign our work lives, in a way that works for us.  An opportunity to disrupt, reset and re-create our new normal.


Introducing the Work Life Lounge.

Your insight into all things life and work 


If you're looking to acquire new skills, opportunities and perspectives to positively expand your life in all aspects....

Work Life Lounge is for you. 


A membership space, providing you direct access to the

best thought leaders on work and life,

delivering monthly Masterclasses on the actionable steps we can take to

redesign our work lives to work for us. 


You be will empowered with feelings of 

freedom, power, knowledge and clarity.  

Yes! I've been waiting for this.

Planning Workshop with Mel Marsden

As a passionate (but busy!) entrepreneur, I've found that taking time for planning, and setting my intentions and goals has been crucial to helping me move towards my long-term aspirations. 


It’s taken me years of trial and error to find a system that allows me to achieve what I want without suffering from overwhelm and burnout. 


Creating clear intentions and deciding where you’ll spend your precious energy is crucial to creating a life of clarity and space, and creating meaningful long-term change. 

 Your Plan for 2022: Establishing Focus & Intentions

February 22nd, 10am AEST [Bris Time]

It’s easy to start a new year with the best intentions, but without the proper foundations in place, it won’t be long before the wheels start to wobble.

By taking time to set your intentions and goals for 2022, you can take control of your career and your life and design rhythms and milestones to get you moving toward your long-term goals.

Incorporating rest and recovery practices, and setting a focus for your energy, you can ensure this year will help you create meaningful change.



In this masterclass you’ll learn: 

  • Establishing the foundations of your year

  • How to set meaningful goals (and stick to them)

  • Creating rhythms for your perfect week related to your Chronotype

  • How to align your day-to-day actions with your annual plan

  • The art and benefits of Rest & Recovery

  • Understand energy and priorities and where to focus your precious time


Expert Masterclass

Clear your diary for 10am the second Thursday of each month, because this is your opportunity to deep dive into topics from me and guest experts to provide you with perspectives and actionable strategies.    

  • Join monthly Masterclasses with leading experts
  • Guidance and skills on topics such as negotiations, digital wellness, wellbeing and health, time management 
  • Can't make the Masterclass? Catch up on the recording later in the content library 


Live Q&A

The key to staying on track is being accountable for your goals, the ability to share your learnings and deepen your understanding

  • Join monthly calls with like-minded people to share support and encouragement 
  • Presubmit questions for expert advice and troubleshooting  



Like attracts like, and connecting with a community of others on the same journey will make the experience richer.

  • Gain new perspectives and ideas from like-minded people looking to up-skill and positively expand their lives 
  • Learn, share knowledge and debrief after each Masterclass
  • Connect in a safe, private and supportive environment


resource library


With a back catalogue of previous Masterclasses and helpful tools and tips, the library is your secret weapon for levelling up your life.

  • Access recordings of each monthly Masterclass plus extra previously recorded classes
  • Get additional resources, printables, downloads and tools.

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Your membership includes:

  • Monthly expert Masterclass recordings
  • Exclusive expert resources and actionable takeaways 
  • Lifetime access to a closed Facebook group to connect with like-minded peers
  • Access to a back catalogue of masterclasses and resources






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Your membership includes:

  • Everything in the Professional Membership


  • LIVE interactive masterclasses from Mel and guest industry experts, held monthly
  • Access to top industry specialists to dive deeper into how to transform your work and life





billed every 3 months


Your membership includes:

  • Everything in the Executive Membership


  • Monthly Group Coaching calls
  • Additional support to keep you accountable & on-track
  • Exclusive discounts on one-to-one coaching & upcoming programs


Your personal power is not something that is going to reveal itself at some later date. Your power is the result of your decision to reveal it. You are powerful in whatever moment you choose to be. 



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Meet Our Next Masterclass Guest Expert! 

Keri Krieger

Keri Krieger is a modern-day mystic, fusing her passion for spirituality with the ancient remedies of Chinese medicine and acupuncture to guide women in coming home to themselves. 

Our daily lives are filled with responsibilities and overwhelm, it is Keri’s mission to provide women with the tools they need to bring things back to basics so they can thrive as they are destined to do. 

Keri’s personal blend of coaching has been created over 20 years of working with women who crave magic in their day to day lives. She has tried and tested the navigation system she now uses to teach women to nourish their minds, bodies, and spirits so they are able to step away from over-work, exhaustion, burnout, and self-loathing to experience personal peace, stillness and a deep love for life.