The joy of teams - celebrating a special kind of magic

 21 kids. 30 team members. 10 years. The COMUNiTI Crew has achieved a lot! 

As part of COMUNiTI’s 10 year celebration I want to celebrate our network of employees, contractors, and collaborators. Our team size has ebbed and flowed over the years as we scaled the business and repositioned ourselves, and throughout the journey there’s so many who have been dedicated to our success and an incredible support network for my family and I.
If you run a business or lead a team I’m sure you’ll agree — teamwork is a special kind of magic. When people come together and minds meet, sparks fly. Teams bring simple joy to the toughest days. They share hopes for the future and make the plans to get there even better through creativity and fun. And over time, teams forge deep connections that go far beyond work itself. At COMUNiTI, the idea of our team being a ‘family’ is more than a cute label — our wider team has included 21 kids over...

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Pop the champagne! And let me introduce you to Entain! 🥂

 To celebrate COMUNiTI’s 10 year anniversary, we’re releasing a series to showcase the amazing community of people who have been part of our journey. 

And of course, who better to kick-start the celebrations than one of my favourite clients — Entain.

If you’ve ever had a cheeky flutter on the horses, a punt on the ponies, or placed a bet on your favourite sporting team, odds are, you’ve done business with Entain — the home of Ladbrokes and Neds. They’re the smart and talented team shaping the future of digital entertainment by creating the next generation of betting products.

Together we delivered a workplace strategy that addressed Entain’s immediate space and growth challenges. After a series of business mergers Entain acquired adjacent tenancies to provide space for their growing team. But this had also created mismatched and segregated areas, with outdated work points, limited collaboration space and poor layout planning.


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