Will remote work fizzle out in 2024?

Has the workplace pendulum swung back towards the office?

*Cue the drumroll please*… another workplace trend has been coined: the new remote.

My disdain for catchphrases aside , I too am observing the ‘new remote’ phenomenon.

Essentially, it means that working from home (or a third place) 100% of the time is becoming a lot less common, with hybrid work patterns finding a more permanent place in our days, weeks, and months. In most of the organisations that I’m working with, employees are finding their way back into the office 2 to 3 days a week [a stat that has been supported in the latest Thriving Workplace Survey from Super Friend].


In my opinion, a few things are contributing to the ‘new remote’:

  • Human nature: we are ultimately social creatures and we crave connection. So while working at home is great for deep, concentrative work, and some solitude, many employees come to realise that doing it 100% of the time leads to feelings of...
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