The secret to successful placemaking?


First published on COMUNiTI, April 2024

Look beyond the walls and workstations


"Building a community outshines workplace design."

This is my philosophy on successful placemaking. 


When I embark on workplace redesign, my primary goal is to build a strong, interconnected community. Why? Because a thriving community is a surer road to achieving organisational objectives than just focussing on the desks, decor, walls and workstations.

Sure, office layout and aesthetics matter, but they shouldn't overshadow the ultimate goal of placemaking: creating a collaborative, productive, thriving community, where everyone feels connected to purpose. 

When I guide clients through a a community-centric approach to workplace redesign I help shift the collective mindset from ‘we’re redesigning the workplace’ to ‘we’re building a thriving community’.

This means I’m not just answering the question:
"How many desks do you need to...

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Uplift your workspace on a budget

Budget-friendly ideas to start your workplace transformation

First published on COMUNiTI, April 2024

Struggling to figure out how to improve your workspace with limited funds?

I understand the challenge of upgrading existing spaces on a tight budget. In my line of work, I’m often met with this remark: “...but I don’t have a million dollars to redesign the space!” 

Fear not! 


Here are some creative and budget-friendly ideas to kickstart your workplace transformation. 


  • Never underestimate the power of a good de-clutter and clean! Clear unnecessary items from filing cabinets, shelves and corridors, organise storage spaces and streamline work areas. You’ll be amazed at how much extra space you’ll feel like you’ve gained. Engage employees by turning the cleanup into a team activity or competition.
  • Feel like a Meerkat every time you poke your head over a high partition? Consider removing bulky...
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