Level UP! The Power of Personal Development

Personal growth and professional growth are inextricably linked. In you career, you may think that professional development is what will get you to the top, but let me tell you, when things get really hard, it's not your professional capability that sees you through. It’s your mindset, your resilience and your personal growth.

In this episode, I cover;

  • The power of personal growth
  • How you can level up personally
  • Finding direction, values and joy
  • Taking ‘The Next Right Step’
  • Tools and Resources – where to start

To get you started on your journey of personal development, don’t forget to grab the Setting Your North Star download. This little downloadable is my toolkit to clarifying your purpose and uncovering your values. Two things that I like to think of as setting my Northstar; the place that I am heading to you can grab this at www.melissamarsden.com.au/northstar

If you’re ready to take it a bit deeper, you’ve still got a day to sign up for my Live a Life by Design program; a 6 week immersive experience to help you design the work and life that lights you up.

Throughout the program, I’ll take you through all the tools that have helped me take stock and unpack what it is what I want from my one magical life. If you’re ready to stop living by default and start living by design, sign up for Life a Life by design at www.melissmarsden.com.au/Life_by_design.

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