Off to Babyland! The Gift of Preparing a Business for a Baby


With only 2 weeks before we welcome our newest addition to the family, this isn’t quite the podcast episode that I had planned to be sharing with you back in January when I was mapping out this season’s episodes! I had planned to share with you how I’d snagged myself a Unicorn GM enabling me to sail off into babyland with my business baby in the best of hands, however that dream didn’t come to reality, despite the best of intentions… 

When I found out I was pregnant, I jumped into action mode, tuning into podcasts to hear how others before me had restructured their business’s to accommodate a 2IC, the planning and training to feel like they could “let go” and enjoy those precious early months with their baby and I wanted that! 

But alas, this episode is to give you a behind the scenes look into another scenario that can and did play out for me in my business, because I’m all about sharing the highs and the lows of business and what can and does happen. 

To round out Season 4 of the podcast, as I take a break to enjoy those newborn cuddles, I want to leave with you a real account of preparing a business for a baby.

We cover:

  • The planning, recruitment, and promotion in the search of our Unicorn, including the challenges of finding “the right person”
  • How remaining aligned to my intentions for this year and for this addition to our family set me on a different course to the one I would “normally” have embarked on
  • How a shift in my own mindset created a gap in the business and shifted the goal posts
  • How despite what we hear in the media, not everyone wants to step into that gap
  • The opportunity that comes with change and vulnerable, honest conversations can lead to a new and improved business model
  • The importance of taking a step back to reflect rather than diving into “fix it” mode
  • The plan moving forward…

This episode is a reminder that whilst not everything is always rainbows and unicorns, sometimes a situation, that on face value isn’t living up to the expectations you set, can turn out to be far more aligned with your bigger vision than you realised.

Melissa Marsden
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