On the Couch with Dr Meg Hooper; Change, Hybrid Working, Energy Management and The Great Resignation

Creating organisational change at a grass roots level requires a lot of different skills, which is why I enjoy working alongside my friend and colleague Dr Meg Hooper to support the businesses and leaders that we work with.  Together, we do this from not just a physical perspective but also a psychological one. 

With a shared passion for the impact and influence of space and place, Meg and I work in tandem to enable organisations to make positive shifts in their workplaces to enable high performance. 

Today’s episode is a treat, to be able to share with you some of the conversations that we have about how our world of work is changing and the opportunity that this brings with it.  We cover everything from why change management needs to start early and the impact of a 1hr workshop on shifting mindsets, through to the science behind energy management and motivational theory, through to how this is contributing to the Great Resignation. 

Meg is the Director & lead Psychologist of Carousel Consulting, specialists in Change Management and Organisational Transformation, she brings a science-based perspective to our conversations that I find enlightening and always walk away better for.  Meg and I can and do chat for hours, so we thought we’d share with you some of our conversations!

And if you want more, pop back to Eps 44, where Meg and I explore the concept of designing work in a “choose your own adventure style”.

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