Designing for Social Capital

Data provides knowledge, and with knowledge comes insight and wisdom.
But... you need to know what to do with it…

The conversation about returning to the workplace continues and what you may not know is that all the data that you need to leverage your environment and create an experience that employees WANT to return for lies within your very 4 walls!

The challenge is working out how to unlock it and what to do with it!

In today’s episode we’ll recap on the 5 pillars that underpin the workplace dynamics in your organisation and how these pillars form the foundation for creating your employee experience at work.

When unlocked, these pillars enable your workplace to become a beacon for your employees, one that draws them in, connecting to their hearts and minds, to build the social capital in your business.

This social capital is built on a platform that comes from our human need for connection, our need to belong and to establish community, much of which requires us to be within physical proximity [I’ll share some neuroscience that backs this up!].

But transformation doesn’t come without struggle, So, I’ll also share with you ways that you can guide your employees through this change, addressing their concerns, meeting them where they are at, and bringing them on the journey to create a workplace that delivers an “experience”, from which everyone will THRIVE!

Workplace Dynamics Blueprint
Work Life Lounge

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