Why you need a Coach... and I do too! With Tina Tower, Michelle Broadbent, and Amber Hawken

Today’s episode is a bit of a sneak peek behind the curtains of my own work life… today I am going to be introducing you to three amazing and very different women who I’ve got in my corner. 

Over the past 12 years, I have worked with coaches in various capacities to support my continued learning, professional and personal development.  These coaches have ranged in style from pure business coaches to NLP and life coaches, through to mindset coaches and the more holistic and what I would describe as spiritual coaches.  

Each has supported me at a different phase and season of my life to navigate a challenge, uplevel my skills or help me focus on bringing my A Game in the area of my work or life that I’ve needed at that time. 

Let’s face it, the past two years have been a total shit show and if I’m honest, so has been my mindset and the state of my business at times, which is why in the past 2 years I have been working with not 1, but 3 coaches to support me in the various aspects of my life and work. 

And today, I’m going to introduce you to these amazing women who have got my back!

Tina Tower, Michelle Broadbent & Amber Hawken. 

In today’s conversation, we are covering everything from 

  • Why you would want a coach
  • How coaches have supported them to get to where they are today
  • What to look for when hiring a coach
  • The various models of coaching and how to decide what’s right for you

Plus, they answer the question “Do coaches have coaches?”

I’m hoping that after this episode that if you are feeling like it’s time to level up in your business or career, that you’re feeling a little stagnant and are looking for your next challenge or that you just need someone to keep you accountable, that this will be the little kick in the backside that you needed, to go seek out your own coach and prepare to take great leaps forward! 


Tina Tower started her first business at age 20, a small tutoring centre and educational toy store that over 5 years she transformed into a franchise of 35 Begin Bright centres employing 120 staff.  
After the franchise was acquired in 2016, she started coaching other service-based business owners only to find herself constantly repeating herself, which led her to the world of online coaching.  

Today Tina has run several online programs, however, her game-changer has been Her Empire Builder, which I am fortunate to be part of!  Her Empire Builder is a membership program supporting female entrepreneurs to establish and grow their online businesses.  She is on a mission to help 100 women build a $1million a year business by 2025.
Tina has been instrumental in helping me navigate the online business world, which I can tell you is a massive shift from the world of bricks and mortar businesses! 

Michelle Broadbent is a business strategist with a 20-year career as a trusted advisor to female entrepreneurs across a vast array of industries.  I have observed Michelle from afar for a few years before finding myself with direct access to her through Tina’s HEB program, where I promptly jumped on her services with a desperate plea for help as I navigated my way out of the downturn resulting from COVID.  
Michelle has been a realistic voice of reason, offering practical solutions and operational support to cut through the overwhelm and help me stay focused on what really matters!

Amber Hawken, you may be familiar with as one of my very first guests on the podcast back in Episode 4, Transforming Leadership with a Calm Mind, which was actually how I met Amber!  It was after this episode that I said, “I need to work with you!” and here we are today!
I affectionately refer to Amber as my “woo woo” coach as her teachings, perspectives and lessons go far deeper into the fibres of our being.

As Amber describes, she has been working with humans for more than a decade and reverences our natural ability to emotionally and mentally self-heal and spiritually actualise.  
Starting out her career as a radiation therapist, she transitioned away from the industry in 2012 and has since explored ancient cultures, different dimensions and bridged east and west. With a pragmatic mind and a country girl spirit, she has a unique blend of practical and down to earth approaches to the arena of therapy, embodied healing, integration, energy, and consciousness.  


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