5 Steps to Dissolving Overwhelm

I don’t know about you, but it feels like this year has started at full speed!

At COMUNiTI, we’ve hit the ground running and completely bypassed the Christmas/January slow down. Given the last few years, I’m certainly not complaining, although, I’m conscious of ensuring that I manage everything I need to whilst protecting myself from burnout and overwhelm.

With school being pushed out by 2 weeks (thanks Qld!) and no extended vacation care, I certainly have a juggle on my hands to manage my kids, projects, workload, not to mention future proofing for when I have my baby in May!

The mental load can be heavy and it’s easy for overwhelm to creep in, so in this episode I list my favourite ways to manage this to protect your energy; physical, spiritual and mental, to ensure you stay on track.
I cover;

  • My 5 steps for battling overwhelm
  • How setting your goals for the year helps realign when things seem too much
  • Why putting on your own oxygen mask first is essential
  • Setting you up for success for the year ahead

I hope this episode provides you with some strategies to keep your energy lifted and your wellbeing front-of-mind to get your year started right.

Don't forget to sign up for the Work Life Lounge because in the next Masterclass, I’ll be taking you through my whole process for planning and goalsetting, along with all the strategies and resources you’ll need to set yourself up and stick to it. Join me on February 10 at 10am AEST to set your intentions and map out your 2022!


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