Season 3 wrap up: what it takes to design a work life you love!

This whole season has been about designing a work life that you love; and when we move forward into a new year which will no doubt hold its own unique opportunities and challenges, I want to leave you with a highlight reel of important learnings to allow you to step consciously into 2022.

In our final episode for Season 3, I’ll be recapping the most valuable takeaways from our amazing array of guests to allow you to go back and relisten to episodes to provide you with tools and inspiration for the year ahead.

I’ll cover

  • The learnings and a-ha moments under three common threads of self-awareness, personal agency and rest & recovery
  • The rituals and routines this season’s guests shared that help them design their ideal work life
  • Tips and tools to help you move forward consciously into 2022.

I want to say a huge thank you to all of our guests this season, for their generosity of time and their knowledge and for being able to contribute all of this valuable information for all of us to take away and implement in our own lives. And a big, big thank you to you for continuing to tune in each and every week and your ongoing support. I wish you and your families a magical and restful Christmas. And I look forward to being back here with you in 2022 with a whole new season of the Work Life by Design podcast!

Melissa Marsden

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