Building A Better Tomorrow Today – Work Built On A Foundation of Care with Dr Gary Webb, Mars Inc.


You probably know the name Mars Inc best for providing our favourite treats; Mars Bars, Snickers, Skittles, Malteasers, M&M’s (I could go on and on!). But what you may not know is Mars Inc. is at the forefront of holistic employee health and wellbeing, making it one of the World’s Great Places to Work.

With 130,000 Associates, operating in 80 countries across the Globe, as a private, family-owned business, Mars Inc is motivated by the freedom to build a better tomorrow today. At the core of this is their understanding that the health and wellbeing of their associates [how they refer to their employees] is what really matters to see this happen.

Today’s guest is Dr Gary Webb, Mars Inc.’s Regional Health and Wellbeing Manager for Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa as well as a member of the Mars Inc Global Health & Wellbeing Centre of Excellence and Leadership team.

A former consultant to the World Health Organisation [WHO] Gary has 20 years’ experience in workplace health across Australia and the global market. He has worked as a mentor to many work health and wellbeing professionals in Australia over the last 10 years and also works as a volunteer across a number of community, schooling and sporting organisations.

As you’ll hear in today’s conversation, Gary is a passionate advocate for the establishment and execution of holistic health & wellbeing initiatives across organisations that are embedded to enable real change and the operational & leadership shifts that are required to effect it.

In today’s chat Gary and I discuss;

  • What makes Mars Inc one of the world’s Great Places to Work and the role that an embedded culture of Health and Wellbeing has had on this continued success
  • The various initiatives that Mars have, not only around improving the lives of their Associates but also much more broadly, the world, and the freedom that being a privately owned business has given them to enable this
  • How COVID has impacted the workplace and the variabilities across continents & cultures in supporting employees to stay safe and well
  • The opportunities that we can all embrace as we begin to look forward to the future of work, and the role that health & wellbeing will play in its design

As Gary says in our chat, when wellbeing is executed holistically, you don’t need to measure ROI, you can feel it and see it. Some great insights in this conversation about the surrounding considerations that give us all the permission to see embedded Health & Wellbeing become a reality.

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