Myths About Goal Setting and How to Bust Them!

One of my favourite quotes is;

Only shine your light on the things you want to grow.

It’s become a bit of a mantra for me, reminding me that where I put my attention my energy flows and if I want to be intentional and make the most of the precious time that I have I should in fact be very mindful about where I direct it.

If you focus on the bad stuff and you’ll only notice more of it, sending you into a downward spiral, if you shine your light on the amazing things that bring you joy and notice how much more wonderful things you have in your life, opportunities will present themselves and put that spring in your step!

But to know where to shine your light, you first need to get clear on what it is that you want to grow…. And that is where conscious planning and goal setting come in.

As we are drawing near the end of another (challenging) year, it’s a timely reminder for us to start to shift our attention to the new year that is before us. In my view if we are waiting to the new year to start to put in place all those new year's resolutions and start with a fresh attitude, we have missed an opportunity.

Why not start now?!?

So today, I want to outline a few ways that you can begin to become intentional about your focus, set your goals and take the first steps towards actioning them!

I’ll also cover

  • The science behind goal setting
  • Reflecting and reframing
  • The common myths about goals
  • How goal setting and planning go hand in hand
  • My process for goal setting

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