I have a confession to make…

This was the title of a recent post I shared.

I was reflecting on the rough ride that I’ve been through personally over the last 12 months in my business and was surprised by the reaction to it. When I wrote it I felt like I was lowering the curtain a little however in hindsight I think it was actually quite a vulnerable share, that connected with so many on a deeper level.

So, in today’s episode, I wanted to share with you what I did to get me out of that funk! The work I did. The people I surrounded myself with. What I read. The actions I took.

And the remarkable shift that I have experienced as a result, when nothing outside of me changed, it was all just a matter of perspective. I had a choice to reframe my view of the world and “choose” a brighter outlook. To enjoy the process and surrender the outcome, after all, despite how much I want to, I can’t control everything…

I just needed to only shine my light on the things I want to grow.

What have you been shining your precious light on?

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