Raise Your Brand, Profile & Purpose to Thrive in Work & Life with Nicole Hatherly

We’ve talked about Personal Brand for a number of years now, however our guest Nicole Hatherly, shares with us the opportunity that awaits us as we emerge from the effects of COVID 19; to own our Signature Brand. The opportunity to authentically communicate who we are at our core and the value we bring.

I have had the great pleasure of knowing Nik for a number of years and the personally working with her over the last 3 years and she has been instrumental in supporting me to truly understand what it is that I do and articulate it in a way that captures attention.

Nicole is a leading Global Brand Catalyst, an award-winning international Brand and Leadership Strategist, international Keynote Speaker and Thought Leader, Profile Expert and passionate creator of your Signature Brand for the Now Normal and the powerful Brand Catalyst process.

She’s a qualified Design Thinking Methodologist, Brand Etymologist, Executive Coach, Board Level Advisor, and Founder and Director of Brand True North and Global ‘Life Work Pivot’ Program Brand Your Way.

For over 27 years (she started very young 😉), Nicole has delivered award-winning strategies and campaigns for iconic brands, global organisations and influential thought leaders.

She now energises brands, activates thought leaders and ignites audiences to deliver beyond their ‘products and services’ by articulating their value, amplifying their voice and activating their thought leadership for impact and legacy.

So strap yourself in for this conversation, grab a pen and paper, this one is interactive and hit the link below to grab your own copy of the Signature Value Map so that you can start to unpack yours.

In this chat we cover;

  • Nik's own journey of personal and professional branding
  • How your Signature Brand is a new concept that connects our head and heart for work and life
  • Nik’s take on the “now normal” and what we can be doing to embrace our work life
  • We dive into the Great Australian Resignation and what it means as a corporate professional
  • Nik takes us through a mini -masterclass to completing our own Signature Value Map
  • She also shares her own journey of designing a work life she loves, the hurdles she’s faced, the realisations and the rituals that she’s embedded to ensure she’s living her best life!

Nik is a gorgeous, generous, genius who has the innate ability to cut through the noise and just nail what is that you do. A true master of words! Plus, she’s a powerhouse of energy and this is one conversation that you are going to walk away from with a whole new appreciate for how you put yourself out there.

The Work Life Lounge is a membership space where we bring to you Monthly Masterclasses from leading thought leaders on all things work and life, so that you can take the action you need to design your work life on your terms.

Nik will be presenting our first Masterclass in the Lounge. In her Masterclass she will be diving deep into the Signature Value Map, so that you can Raise your brand, profile & purpose to thrive in work & life.

And for the first 3 months, you get an access all area’s VIP pass courtesy of COMUNiTI! Absolutely free! So head to www.melissmarsden.com.au/worklifelounge for more details and to register.

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