Who Are You? ... No, Really.

You’re probably thinking, ‘Mel, don’t be ridiculous, I know who I am’. But do you really, truly know who you are? How you work, what makes you tick? What values you stand for or stand against? Could you tell me these things if I asked you?

And the reason I asked this question is because until we truly know who we are, I believe that we are just really reacting to the expectations and requests of others, whether that be our family, our friends, our boss, our colleagues, our clients, or even just society in general. Just like I did.

Today, I unpack why it’s important to understand what makes you tick, how this helps you show up in work and life and how having this knowledge and insight can help you maximise your strengths and help you work towards what you want.

I cover:

  • Tools to understand your motivations
  • How this knowledge allows you to level up your life
  • The value of personality profiling style tools in a team environment


In this six week program, I take you through the tools and the frameworks that I have curated over the last 10 years to live a life by my own design. Plus, I've also then taken the steps of how to put it into action and provided a framework to help you start designing your dream life. Learn more about the Live a Life by Design experience here, and join the waitlist.


If you’re interested in the first tools in the workbook to see if this is for you, download the Setting Your North Star exercise!

Melissa Marsden

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