Drink Anyone? The sh*tstorm 2020

Well, we didn’t see that one coming, and like many I’m sure that we could all use a drink and good lie down after this year!

This episode was a challenging one to record, because honestly it has been an incredibly difficult year, but none the less, here we are. 

2020 has been the year that saw us switch to working from home overnight, achieving something that years of change programs have struggled to do! It saw us embrace “top dressing” and introduced us to a raft of new skills that we didn’t know we needed or possessed. 

In this episode I’ve taken a look back over the year that was and recapped on the lessons and learnings that we’ve all had to learn as well as how this year has shown up for me personally and all that I set out to achieve.

We dive in to understanding

  • How maintaining and establishing new boundaries become important for our own wellbeing
  • The routines and rituals we didn’t realise we had until we no longer had them and the new ones, we required to create to identify work from home, when they were physically the same place
  • How important it is to communicate even when you don’t have all the answers
  • The need for time apart & alone, and how important it is for us to recharge our own batteries
  • Kicking personal goals and those that I missed during #COVID
  • How much smaller the world got and the opportunity to connect across borders and continents embracing technology
  • How COVID broke the rules and enables us the opportunity to experiment with new ideas and business models

 On Jan 12th 2021, I’ll be sharing my annual planning routine in an intimate workshop in Brisbane.  If you’re around would love for you to join me and lay the groundwork for you to live your life by design in 2021.

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