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Workplace Dynamics Blueprint

Your Workplace Future Ready

The strategy you need to create your Workplace of the Future & Inspire Human Potential 

This Blueprint is designed for workforce planners and the managers of facilities, brand, people & culture to lay the foundation for your workplace of the future

Start unpacking your business intelligence and lay the foundations for your future workplace.  

Workplace Future Ready Strategy with Melissa Marsden

Work From Home | EDITION

Everything you need to know to optimise your Work From Home experience to inspire and motivate you.

Don't just Work From Home... Optimise your Home to Work!

Work From Home with Melissa Marsden
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Employee Experience Workshop


How do you create an environment where your people are an asset? Join Melissa Marsden for an intimate and immersive workshop she will share with you how you can create a physical environment that will deliver an exceptional employee experience.


Melissa Marsden

Meet your Blueprint Guide

Hi There!  I'm Melissa Marsden and I am a Workplace Dynamics Strategist. I work with corporates & professional services firms to create physical environments that drive high performance teams.

I believe that our environments have the opportunity to positively influence our behaviour and performance at work.

I support my clients to shift employee and business mindsets from slow, stagnant operations to agile and flexible environments, enabling them to swiftly adopt new business opportunities and streams, whilst establishing a premium level employee experience.

With the sudden need for us all to work remotely from home, a need that has not been by choice or design, I wanted to support each of us to transform our home, to work.  Unveiling the philosophy & principles that create our corporate work environments, I'll provide you with ideas & resources to shift how you think about work from home, and create a dynamic space that works for you!