My Workplace Predictions for 2023

Taking a future focused approach is a central part of the work that I do in guiding organisations in reimagining their next workplace. Observing the current state, understanding the businesses strategic objectives, and then overlaying their brand and culture, we develop the blueprint for their workplace that will enable them to achieve their goals

And where does this all start?  Typically, with the question “What do we do?”

So, in today’s episode, I’m sharing with you my Workplace Predictions for 2023, based on the conversations that I’ve been having with my clients, my observations of what’s happening in the market and the outcomes that created from the process.  And these three predictions are;

  1. Exploration of the questions “What do we do?!?!” - What does my workplace need to do? What does it look like? How much space do I need?”
  2. Consolidation & right sizing of Workplaces
  3. Our workplaces are becoming “Creative Coworking” environments 

As we take a look at each of these three predictions, we’ll look at;

  • What are some of the questions that you need to start exploring in your business
  • The impact of your workspace on relationships, communication, and the energy of your people
  • The value of consolidation and the impact on the energy of your business
  • Why all collaboration is not equal, and the variety of spaces required to support your teams
  • Why our workplaces need quiet spaces, even when we can WFH
  • The pursuit of the “holy grail” of tech 

If your organisation is navigating any of these challenges or beginning to start this conversation, this is an episode, you’ll want to tune into. It will get you thinking and arm you with some points to start the conversations in your organisation.  

Thank you so much for re-joining me here on the podcast after my break!  Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year! 
See you in 2023!

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