Designing your Workplace for Employee Experience

“We know that our workplace isn’t working, but we don’t know what to do to change it…

This is one of the most common statements I’m hearing now when it comes to organisations starting their journey to rethinking how their workplace… works.

Organisations are wanting to understand how they can create a better experience of work for their people using their space. How they can create a place that people want to be, and one that enables them to perform.

Unfortunately, there is no quick or easy answer to this question. It is nuanced and very specific to each business, but what I can tell you is that the answer lies in your employee experience.

And when it comes to the design our workplaces, there are three layers to designing your workplace experience, and it’s important that each of these are addressed equally.

  1. It’s an employee’s experience working with your company
  2. It’s an employee’s experience of the physical workplace environment
  3. It’s an employee’s experience of change

In today’s episode we’re going to explore these three layers with a view to understanding how you can begin your journey.

  •  Why defining your employee experience is the foundation
  • How to infuse your employee experience into the physical environment
  • How the alignment of the heart, body and mind of your workplace enables your workplace to perform
  • Why guiding change in your workplace is the key to success

This is a BIG conversation, and with numerous contributing elements that need careful consideration. This episode will help you to uncover your starting point, so that you too can begin to design the experience that you want for your employees.

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