Connection in the Hybrid World of Work with Tegan Davies of The Oranges Toolkit

Maintaining connection in a hybrid world of work is no small task. Following periods of extended separation due to lockdowns during the pandemic, we are now navigating a new world of work where, with our increased flexibility of where we work, we are facing new challenges in staying connected and fuelling our sense of belonging.

My guest today is Tegan Davies, the General Manager and Head of Wellbeing at The Oranges Toolkit. An award winning social enterprise that builds positive wellbeing, mental and emotional agility in workforces and communities, returning profits to Camp Quality to support kids facing cancer in Australia.

Tegan is an experienced and passionate wellbeing designer and facilitator. She is also a former Board Member at Action for Happiness Australia, a business coach and qualified yoga teacher.

Through her work with Oranges Toolkit Teagan is building the wellbeing literacy of corporations across Australia, by supporting their employees in navigating these intense periods of change, with a view to improving their wellbeing.

Today’s conversation is a deep dive into how we can build connection in our workplaces, a foundational requirement in creating psychological safety.

We discuss;

  • The foundational principles of building wellness literacy in our organisations
  • The simplest, yet most often overlooked way to build connection
  • The impact of regular deposits into our colleagues “feel good” bank
  • The ripple effect of our emotions and how we show up
  • The early insights into The Oranges Toolkit survey on what it takes to create connection

As a fellow science nerd, I love this conversation with Tegan as she shares the data and science of our emotions and the impact on us and those around us, and why awareness is only the first step.

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Books mentioned;
Atomic Habits – James Clear
Effortless – Greg McKeown

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