How to Lead Change Successfully with Dr Kate Byrne

Guiding your people through change successfully can be one of the most difficult things an organisation can do. I've seen change can be done poorly, and often because of simply not knowing that engaging people through the process and onboarding them into a new space or to a new system, was needed to ensure its success.

People are creatures of habit and what we see happen is that old habits, routines, and rituals get transferred to the new state, where they no longer work or go against the new way of working or operating.

So, I wanted to get the back story on why change is so important to get right in an organisation and some of the things we should be considering when embarking on a change process, and when we need to bring in the professionals to support us. 

Today's guest is Dr Kate Byrne, With a PhD in Communication and 20+ years in the field, Kate is an experienced strategist, change leader and communication practitioner who supports Senior Leaders through organisational change on how to design and bring to life, strategic narratives. 

She is the host of The New Wave podcast, as well as the Managing Director of EVER Change & Communication - a dynamic consultancy that helps public sector leaders drive and deliver organisational transformation, behavioural change, to improve organisational performance and help their people adopt new ways of working. 

We chat about: 

  • The greatest area that organisations are looking for support when it comes to change
  • The impact of storytelling and how to use a strategic narrative
  • The tipping point for engaging external support for implementing successful change
  • Why change follows a framework but requires to be unique to your business
  • Why communication is the core of a successful change strategy and why we need to focus on the "moments" vs the "events"
  • The one area that all businesses should be focused on to elevate our experience of work 

Plus, we kick it off with a common values alignment.....our No Dickheads Policy! And end with our shared passion for continual evolution and why change is good!

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