5 Months with a Business and a Baby

Running a business with a newborn is no small task! So, In today's episode, I'm sharing with you the intimate details of how I prepared my business, my team, my clients, and myself for this time ensuring we were set up for success.  

With a new baby, you really are at their beck and call so being highly intentional with the finite amount of time that you do have is so important to ensure that you are investing it wisely. It also means that there are likely to be a few things that either get put on the back burner or are pushed out. 

Putting this plan in place enabled me to be present with my new baby, and with my clients where it mattered most. 

There were three things that I needed to make this time work for me, my business, my clients and my family:

  1. Assess the existing workload
    • With a pipeline of work needing to be delivered, I had no capacity to accept any more, so closing the books was the first step 
  2. Assess the tasks and activities - what could be successfully outsourced?
    • With a guaranteed period of absence, who could I get to step in and cover me for a short period of time?
    •  What parts of projects could I completely handover to reduce my workload and free me up to do only what I can do?
  3. Needed a plan
    • I needed a plan that captured key dates, project milestones, communication channels, when and how I could be contacted and what to do in case of an emergency. This plan was our roadmap to the prep required before bub and the first 8 weeks after bub was born, ensuring everything was managed as planned. 

So, how did it all go? ..... you' have to tune in to find out!

This podcast was made possible with support from the Alastair Swayn Foundation. Find out more at alastairswaynfoundation.org


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