Designing  Hospitality Driven Workplaces with Brad Krauskopf

With organisations working hard to lure employees back into the workplace, this is the ideal time for us to take a fresh perspective on what it takes to elevate our workplace experience; by creating an environment that people choose to come to.   

The role of the office has shifted from a place we needed to “go to work”; to a place that facilitates connection, collaboration, communication, and learning, promoting a new level of productivity, health & well-being.  

With this perspective, now is the time to take a wider view and look outside the typical workplace to be inspired by how other industries create places where people choose to return to, again and again. Industries, such as hospitality. 

Today’s guest is Brad Krauskopf the founder and CEO of Hub Australia. A market-leading premium workspace-as-a-service platform renowned for its customer service and company culture. 

Hub delivers hospitality-driven solutions that create workspace experiences that people love, 

And that is something that myself and the COMUNiTI crew can vouch for as tenants of their Anzac Square space.  

Hub is also a BCorp, they are certified Carbon neutral, are WELL Health & Safety accredited, and has been ranked 4 years running as one of Australia’s best employers by the Great Places To Work program. 

Brad is also the founding Co-chair of Flexible Workspace Australia, the peak industry body for flexible and coworking space in Australia.

As both a tenant and a big fan of coworking this was a great opportunity for me to sit down with Brad and learn more about the hospitality-led approach that the HUB are renowned for.  

We chat about:

  • Why HUB have made it a priority to obtain the credentials they have and the impact on their business
  • How we are “unshackling work from place” as a result of the pandemic, the role that coworking spaces play, and the future of “work near home” options
  • Brad’s observation of the real estate market and if “the office is dead”
  • How our workplaces can incorporate a hospitality-led approach and the value it adds to our people and place 
  • Why landlords are welcoming co-working operators into their buildings and the opportunities they provide for all tenants

Whether you are looking to elevate the experience of work for your people, considering shifting to a flexible space model with coworking, or planning ahead for your next lease renewal, this episode will give you food for thought on how you can create a workplace that delights your people!

This podcast was made possible with support from the Alastair Swayn Foundation. Find out more at

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