The Power of Environment

Our environments have a HUGE impact on how we feel.

This is the whole business that I’m in, designing and delivering workplaces that enable the strategic goals, vision and operational performance of a business.  But it’s not just limited to our corporate workplaces.

When you apply that same philosophy to any environment around you, consider what it is enabling?  How does your environment make you feel?

Different spaces invoke different feelings and shift our ability to concentrate, collaborate or be creative.

But it’s not just our physical environment that we need to be conscious of…. 

In today’s episode I’m sharing with you 5 ways that our environment influences us and our sense of Calm and what you can do to use your space to regain your sense of Calm each day.  

We explore;

  • How your physical space influences your energy, your ability to focus and to be creative and how to choose wisely
  • The impact of getting outside into nature and how as little as 40 secs can make a difference
  • The additional mental load that a messy space has on your cognitive load and how to clear it
  • How to use ALL our senses to instil calm in our environment
  • How our internal environment is just as important as our external 

This episode is a little insight into the recent 5 Days from Chaos to Calm challenge, I hosted, where over 5 days I share with you daily microhabits to integrate into your daily life to regain your calm.  

If you enjoyed this episode and want to experience the whole 5 days of Calm, head over to the website, where you can still join the Challenge.

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