Work, Life & Mumming – Avoiding overwhelm, burnout and not taking yourself too seriously! With Dr Kristy Goodwin, Angela Lockwood & Dr Ali Young

We've all been through a LOT the past 2 years and sometimes it can feel like it's only happening to us!  We can sometimes feel like we are living in the middle of a total sh*t show, while Sally over the fence has it all together.....

I'm super excited about today's episode because I have brought together three very special ladies Dr Kristy Goodwin, Angela Lockwood and Dr Alison Young in a panel-style discussion, exploring overwhelm, burnout and how we can put boundaries in place to support ourselves when we're navigating "all the things" 

Each of these women are total rock stars in their own right, you can learn a little more about them below! 

I wanted to hear what they are observing in the people they are supporting, to help draw back the curtain a little and enable us all to realise, that it's not just happening to us, we aren't alone.

In this episode they cover:

  • Their personal experiences over the past 2 years
  • Some funny anecdotes about working from home and lock down life
  • Triggers we should be keeping our eye on
  • Ways we can shift ourselves out of a triggered state, regain our sanity and put the handbrake on burnout

I loved this conversation and knew it was going to be a great episode to record. What else would you expect by putting 4 women together talking business, burnout and motherhood!

Enjoy this episode and I will see you again next week!

Mel x

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You may have heard Dr Kristy on the podcast before, way back at Eps 17! Kristy translates the science of digital productivity and wellbeing into realistic strategies so individuals can achieve peak performance in a digital world. She's a professional speak, a researcher, an author and a mum of 3 young boys! 

Angela is Australia's leading authority on creating calm classrooms, kids and families. She's the Founder of Educate Therapy, a consulting practice bridging the gap between the health and education systems, the author of two books on creating calm, "The Power of Conscious Choice" and "Switch Off" and the host of "A Kid's Life" podcast. She's also a mum of 2! 

And last but not least we have gorgeous Dr Ali, who is a chiropractor on a mission to help working mums reclaim their health and rebalance their hearts to overcome burnout, exhaustion and fatigue. As a recovered burnt-out mother herself, she understands the fine line that exists between vitality and doing everything too often. Ali's first book is coming out in April to help all mums step into their light and shine brightly. She's also a mum of 2!


Dr Kristy Goodwin


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Angela Lockwood


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Dr Ali Young


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Her new book “Work.Mama.Life” is coming out April 2022

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