That's it for Season 5! The highlight reel from 48 episodes

Well, that’s it for another season!

After kicking off season 5 back in November last year, I think it’s well and truly time to switch off the mic for a while!

This season has definitely taken on a life of its own and it really snuck up on me that we’ve been going straight for 48 episodes, almost a whole year! I’ve had the pleasure of engaging some incredibly intelligent, wise, and generous guests in conversation over this time which has what has kept me wanting to do “just one more!” episode.

But here at COMUNiTI we are heading into our busiest season of the year in the final sprint to Christmas so it’s time to take a breath and make the space needed to ensure we finish the year strong.

So, in this episode I’m sharing with you the highlights of 48 episodes, marking some incredible milestones including;

  1. 📕🥂 The release of my book “The Next Workplace” and the conversations from the book launch
  2. 🎉 Hitting a 100 episodes of the podcast
  3. 🥳 Celebrating COMUNiTI’s 10th Birthday
  4. Plus a recap on some of the impactful conversations that I’ve had over the course of the season that have influenced my own thinking on work and the workplace

So, while I take a break there are 136 other episodes for you to dive back into. Thank you for joining me here each and every week and I look forward to being back in your ears with some fresh content very soon!

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