Why you need to guide your people through change

One of the biggest misconceptions about “a new office” is that it is simply that. A new place for us to conduct our business from. A design and construction project.

This could not be further from the truth. “A new office” is a whole of business opportunity and at its core it is actually a “cultural transformation project”.

Everything about the way the new office looks, feels, operates is all new. It’s in a new location, with a new commute and with that comes a whole new set of routines and rituals.

Now while some of your team might be excited by the change, there are going to be a lot of your team who will not be. And regardless of where they sit on the continuum of change experience, they are going to bring their own perceptions to the process, until they are guided, communicated to, informed, and educated about what the new workplace will entail.

Because, in the absence of information it is human nature to Make. It. Up!

So, in today’s episode I’m sharing with you why it's important to support your people through change, and what you can do to prepare you and your business to make the most of this unique opportunity.

Remember, creating a new workplace for your business is typically a once in 10 year event, and just think about the ripple effect that doing an outstanding job of supporting your people through this change will have on the next 10 years of your business.

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