A Community Approach to Building a Company, Culture & Employee Experience with Damon Klotz

Establishing a strong and purposeful employee experience in your organisation can take an incredible amount of time, dedication, and invested energy.

So, if you could find all the People tools and resources that you needed packaged up in one platform, backed by science and data, how much easier would that make your life as a leader and give you the confidence to know that you were giving your organisation the best possible advantage?

Well, today’s guest is here to tell us that this is possible. Damon Klotz, who has what could be described as one of the coolest titles, is a Work Culture Evangelist at Culture Amp, a market-leading employee experience platform.

I first discovered Damon and his podcast Culture First, in the midst of the pandemic tuning into his episode with Jen Sauer-Klein, an experience designer in the States. This singular episode gave me a new perspective on the role of our environments in how we influence experiences consciously through design, adding another tool to my tool kit.

Jen is among a number of incredible guests that Damon has had the opportunity to engage in conversation on his podcast, so I was incredibly happy when he agreed to join me here to learn more on what have been some of the most impactful conversations that he has had.

What I also learnt through this episode is the diverse career that Damon has had that led him to his current role as Work Culture Evangelist. As you’ll hear Damon is quite the overachiever, prior to Culture Amp he was leading community HR groups, through to being the Global Manager of Digital Strategy for Ramsay Health Care, a keynote speaker on the future of work, and the Co-Founder of Spur Projects, a social enterprise dedicated to reducing the suicide rate of men in Australia.

And he shares how a desire to be a sports manager and leverage the community of teams has found its way through to the work he and the team at Culture Amp do.

You’ll also learn more about

  • Culture Amp and the wealth of data that they have accumulated from supporting the employee experience across numerous countries since launching in 2009,
  • How the platform supports organisations to leverage this “data lake” to continue to enhance the employee, manager and team experience
  • And how taking a community focused approach to building Culture Amp has been a key foundation in its success, growing the company from 100 to 6500 customers, and the role that Damon played in establishing it
  • Plus what Damon has learned about communication, transparency and trust from his conversations about People & Culture throughout the pandemic

So many interesting highlights in this episode, along with some great additional listening recommendations over on the Culture First podcast.

Damon also leaves us with some insights into how he has consciously continued to grow with the organisation from start up to now and its various iterations, all great self-reflection points for us to consider in our own growth mindset and experience of comfort.

This podcast was made possible with support from the Alastair Swayn Foundation. Find out more at alastairswaynfoundation.org

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