How a Journey Map Can Design Your Employee Experience

Imagine having the ability to curate the entire experience that your employees take when they come to your workplace. 

To influence each touchpoint of their journey. 

The things that they see, hear, do... the things they feel. 

In episode 127, I shared how you can use an Empathy Map to consciously design the sensory experience of your people at work, a tool that can be used both to support cultural design and physical design. 

In today's episode we're going to take that a step further and see how you can take that sensory experience and apply it to every touchpoint in your employees' journey to and from the workplace. 

With just three questions at each of the touchpoints you can curate your employee journey and enhance their overall experience. 

Whether you have an existing workplace that could be infused with some conscious changes, or you have the open possibility to start from scratch with a new workplace, today's episode will provide you with a foundation from which you can take more informed decisions about the employee journey you wish to create for your people. 

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