Permission to Pause | The impact of one simple action

In last weeks episode I spoke about wellbeing rhythms in the workplace and the need for us all to be building in moments of self-care.

I then read an article in the Harvard Business Review by author Greg McKeown, who’s written two of my favourite books and are recommended reading at COMUNiTI; Essentialism & Effortless. In this article Greg says that for organisations to build top performing teams, they should only be asking for 85% effort. The premise that when we consistently perform at 100% we burn out.

Prior to this Dr Meg Hooper and I discussed the recent legislative changes around psychosocial hazards in the workplace.

I see a theme emerging… the conversation as to the health and wellbeing of our people is being elevated in our workplaces and is at the core of all business performance.

So, this week I’ve invited Dr Ali Young to join me, to better understand what is that we can be doing to support ourselves individually, and what we can be doing as teams and organisations to practically support the health and wellbeing of our people.

Dr Ali Young is a health strategist, who works with mums owning and operating health practices. After recovering from burnout in 2019 and writing a book about it, she has become passionate about supporting other health practitioners, particularly mums, to navigate the same stressors with a different outcome.

In this episode Ali shares with us not only the science that backs up why we should be taking better care of our health, but if we are not giving ourselves the permission to pause, no amount of sleep, trips to the gym or healthy eating is likely to change our perception of stress and impact our wellbeing.

We discuss how a simple conversation with your team can uncover opportunities to support everyone’s wellbeing and the simple changes in schedule that have led to increased performance in her own practice.

She also shares with us her three tips to ensuring maximum wellbeing in our work week.

So, why not take a walk, tune in and use this 30mins as your permission to pause.

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