Wellbeing Rhythms for Work & Life

As we cross the halfway mark of the year, this is the perfect time to look back, check in with your intentions for the year and adjust the sails ready for the second half.

One of the tweaks that I’ll be making as I set myself up for the home stretch is to recalibrate my selfcare regime. As a busy mum, navigating the ebb and flow of our project load, this is usually the stuff that I forgo from my calendar to accommodate the other demands on my time.

But here’s the catch, as knowledge workers, our most valuable asset is the quality of our thoughts. We are literally paid to think!

The quality of that thinking is significantly impacted by the quality of our sleep, nutrition, movement, and relaxation [aka self-care!] all the good things that help us maintain our stress and anxiety levels and improve our cognitive function. Our ideas!

So, when organisations begin to question, why employee wellbeing should be their concern, the simplest answer is that, when your employees are well, they are more productive, which is good for business.

In today’s episode we discuss.

  • How our workplaces can create connection and support socialisation at work – a key factor in employee wellbeing
  • How our workplaces can enhance our experience of work
  • How changing work rhythms require a change in work environment
  • The impacts of schedule flexibility and employee loyalty to those businesses committed to wellbeing
  • Plus we take a look at Entain, and the impact that their 9 day fortnight and meeting free Wednesday is having on their organisation, aside from employee productivity and engagement

What small tweak of your sails can you make to support you in entering the second half in your best form to see you through to the finish line?

This podcast was made possible with support from the Alastair Swayn Foundation. Find out more at alastairswaynfoundation.org

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