Rehumanising the Workplace

As we approach the mid-point of the year, I would hazard a guess that you’re already feeling like the tank is near empty! And you are not alone!

Thanks to the events of recent years, COVID, lockdowns, floods, new ways of working, to name a few, what’s resulted is a lack of physical and emotional connection. Which has been at the expense of our human relationships, our creativity, and our emotional intelligence.

A situation that today’s guest is all too familiar with.

Deanne Boules is the Founder of Insync Workplace Solutions & a highly respected People, Safety, & Culture Consultant, Coach, Facilitator, & keynote speaker. With over 30 years of experience, she has developed a proven track record of building high-performing, inclusive, physically & psychologically safe workplaces that enable individuals to bring their authentic selves to work, feel valued, have a sense of purpose & belonging, thrive & go home safe & well each day.

Dee is passionate about supporting organisations to rehumanise their workplaces, by putting people back at the core of the business. Having started her career as a police officer with the NSW Police Force, she traversed a number of other roles, before founding Insync Workplace Solutions in 2012. A specialist WHS and HR Consulting and Training Practice, fulfilling her passion for redefining and re-humanising how human resources, workplace safety, and all things people, safety, and culture-related are practised worldwide.

During her career, Dee has experienced first-hand the devastating impact of workplace fatalities & serious injuries, attending more than most. Through these experiences, Dee started to question why people do what they do & why they make the decisions they make.

Dee and I could have easily talked about this concept for hours, as fostering community is at the core of humanising our workplaces.  We discuss the benefits of taking a human-centred approach in the workplace, some of the barriers and mindset shifts to be overcome along with simple ways that organisations can take the first step.

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