Two Common Creatives

If I brought you together in a room of your peers, and asked one simple question, “Who here would call themselves a Creative?”, chances are you’re unlikely to raise your hand.

As my guests today describe, we often mistake creativity for artistry, the ability to draw or paint. However, many of us are practicing creativity everyday, without realising it. Singing, cooking, problem solving, are all acts of creativity.

Paul Fairweather and Chris Meredith, are the Two Common Creatives.

Paul is a recovering architect, formerly the co-founder of the award-winning Architectural practice Fairweather Proberts, he is also an artist, inventor and property developer.

Chris is a former Marketing Director, he is a speaker, writer, podcaster and business coach and when he’s not at work you’ll find him in, on or under the ocean, usually with a camera in hand.

Together they have combined their passion and pursuit of creativity to engage businesses to embrace theirs, helping their people create, capture, and communicate great idea’s, to solve business problems.

Their goal is to make creativity as common as a loaf of bread and as well understood as common language.

As someone who would raise their hand when asked if they were creative, I’m fascinated by this conversation as Paul and Chris share how they encourage people to unlock and embrace their creativity.

We explore;

  • the role of creativity in our professional lives
  • if you can teach creativity
  • the common block or resistance to embracing creativity
  • and what they have learned and observed about how our physical environment can impact on an individual’s creativity

As businesses struggle to solve new problems in our fast-paced world, encouraging creativity in our organisations is a key metric of success, and Paul & Chris leave us with their thoughts on where we can all start.

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