Three Ways to Elevate your Workplace Experience - The Book Launch Wrap UP!

It’s time to change the conversation!

There has been so much talk about the organisations that are struggling to get the workplace dynamic right, but very little highlighting those that are!

Launching my book The Next Workplace; Designing Dynamic Environments that Inspire Human Potential, was an opportunity to shine a light on the incredible work that a number of leaders and organisations are doing to explore the edges of employee experience and navigating this new frontier in a bold way.

With events held in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, I took this opportunity to start a conversation with these incredible leaders, and whilst the questions had a similar context in each location, what came from each event was a very unique flavour of conversation bring the panellists unique thoughts and perspectives into view.

What emerged from these conversations were three key themes, with a few core ideas as to how we can all elevate our experience of work.

So today’s episode is a wrap up of these learnings, plus a thought provoking question to get you pondering HOW this is showing up in your workplace and what your opportunity is to elevate it.

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