The Next Workplace / Sydney Launch Conversations Part 2

This is our FINAL episode in the 6-part series bringing you all the conversations from my book launch events in Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney, as we celebrated the release of The Next Workplace: Designing Dynamic Environments that Inspire Human Potential.

Today is Part 2 of our Sydney event conversations so if you missed part 1 or any of the previous 5 conversations for that matter, be sure to pop back and tune into those as well!

Each of these events were held with the purpose of starting a conversation on all things Work, People & Place. To take the opportunity and do something very intentional in progressing the conversation of enhancing and reimagining our workplaces for a new future.

Joined by leaders navigating the new frontier of what work looks like and the role that place plays in elevating our experience of work.

Our Sydney conversation explored the topics of

  • what they have realised about the importance of the workplace,
  • how they have seen the evolution of curating the employee experience in the workplace and what that looks like for them,
  • how our workplaces can effectively support belonging and build connection in our people,
  • what flexibility at work really looks like, and
  • ultimately what does a good workplace look like?!

To join me in this conversation I invited Brad Krauskopf, CEO of HUB Australia to join us, along with Sophie Hart, Co-Founder of the Serenity Collective, host of the Thriving Workplace Event, and Nicole Karagiannis, Chief People Office at

Each of our guests bring a unique perspective to this conversation, with thoughtful insights that invited me to think more deeply about some of my own idea’s.

I hope this episode also inspires your thinking on what you can do to elevate the conversation in your workplace.

See all the Pics from Sydney HERE!

This is Part 2, from our Sydney conversations and our final episode in the 6 part series, so if you have missed any of the conversations from Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney, be sure to head back and tune into those!

But to wrap up the book tour, lets get into today’s episode!

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