The Next Workplace / Melbourne Launch Conversations Part 2

The old metrics of a desk for a person no longer apply. So, as we are all navigating a very new frontier of work, what are the right metrics?

This was the opening question for my panellists as we dove into our discussion on all things work people and place in our second stop on the book launch tour, celebrating the release of my book The Next Workplace in Melbourne.

For this conversation I was joined by Jacqui Whiteman, Chief Operating Officer at Davidson, Kylie Baullo, Managing Director at ADP, Petrina Stewart, People and Inclusion Lead at KPMG and Dan Mottau Global Director Organisation Development and Learning. We explored a range of topics from what is the right approach for organisations to take when thinking about creating a new workplace through to leveraging your workplace as a key asset in your employee experience value proposition through to the role your workplace plays in creating belonging, supporting diversity and inclusivity.

A conversation that had the audience engaged and jumping in with questions, we could have talked for hours!

Each of our panellists sharing their experiences of rethinking work, the workplace and the whole experience of work, this conversation leaves us each with a lot to think about!

This is the second part of our two-part conversation from Melbourne. If you missed the first part, head back and tune into my conversation with Jacqui Whiteman on how the team at COMUNiTI and I worked with Davidson to reimagine their next workplace in both Brisbane and Melbourne.

Next week I’ll be sharing the conversations from Sydney!

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