Designing Social Connection & Intentional Employee Incentive Programs

Creating employee incentive programs and wellbeing initiatives have been known to take a “scattergun approach” offering the infamous fruit box or step count challenge or even prove to be nothing more than lip service beyond a company announcement.

However, to embed programs that make real transformative change to an organisation, the business first needs to understand their people and what would make the greatest impact on them and in return the organisation.

And that’s exactly how today’s guest has approached the implementation of such successful initiatives in their organisation.

Nicole Karagiannis is the Chief People Officer at With over 15 year’s experience in the Human Resources sector. Forging her career at Westpac prior to working in the fintech, health and disability sector, Nicole combines her experience and deep passion of care with the future focus of technology, to lead the Talent, Business Partners, Learning and Development, and IT professionals who enable to grow meaningfully, whilst fostering a culture of innovation and inclusion. is a health-tech scale-up dedicated to impacting millions of lives a day through comprehensive AI solutions as medical devices. The company operates two joint ventures: and In her current role at, Nicole led the design of the organisation’s innovative “Becoming a parent” program which provides support for employees and their partners through early pregnancy loss and miscarriage.

In today’s conversation we explore’s 6 pillar wellbeing program and how the pillar of Social Connection has impacted the design of their remote first workplace plus how Nicole came to develop the Becoming a Parent Program, the catalyst for the program, and how she developed a business case for the program that even got the CFO on board.

If you are a business leader looking to push the boundaries of employee experience and to innovate new ways to become an employer of choice, or an employee considering the next phase of your life in starting a family, this episode will inspire you to think bigger about how your workplace can make a meaningful and intentional difference in the lives of your people.

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