Biophilic Design and the sensory impact of a two-story CBD forest terrarium with Ryan McQuerry

Introducing plants into our indoor environments can have an incredible impact on health, wellbeing and general disposition.  Biophilic Design has been gaining traction in the design industry for several years now, and if you’re not familiar with this term, its essentially describing the innate human connection that we have with our natural world.  And in relation to our indoor environments, it is, in essence bringing the outside in. 

Which is the perfect segway to introduce today's guest, Ryan McQuerry of Auckland based interior plantscape firm, Outside In.  As budding entrepreneur and lover of horticulture and nature, Ryan co-founded Outside In, in 2014.   

Ryan and his team have been creating some incredible indoor plantscapes, describing the physical, emotional and profitable impact of introducing plants into our city workplaces, against the ability for us to access nature in our dense, built environments.  

One of these projects is for litigation firm Meredith Connell in the heart of Auckland’s CBD.  Inspired by the stress reducing, calm inducing great walks of New Zealand, Meredith Connell’s CEO wanted to recreate this immersive experience in their CBD office, for all their employees.  Incorporating a custom designed Forest Floor and temperature-controlled forest terrarium, spanning 2 floors and 1,400sqm, this project is an incredible example of what is possible.

Ryan shares with us the inspiration for the project, the technical aspects of the install along with the observed and reported impact that the space has had on their employees

The first of its kind, this project is sure not to be the last to embrace immersive interior plantscapes. 

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