Enabling Change & Calling Bullsh*t

 “So, who are you working for?”

Working with clients to support them in the early phases of working out what their next workplace is going to look like, how it will work and more importantly how it will enable their people to work, requires me to start conversations that invite teams and employees to share their views on their ideal future workplace.

One of the questions that I get asked frequently at the outset of this process is, “So who are you working for?”  The concern that many leaders have is, that if I’m asking their people what they want, that they are then somehow expected to deliver on those requests and expectations.  That their vision for the business and the fact that they are paying the bill is disregarded.

The truth is very different.

Our role is to lead change.  To first support the business leaders to work out where they want to be and then to guide their people there. 

And along the way there will be some who believe that it “cannot be done”, and our role is to uncover the real reason beneath the tabled concerns and find solutions that work for their people and the business.  Essentially calling bullsh*t and supporting another way.

So if you are a leader looking for support to lead a new way in your workplace, know that first and foremost we are working for you, but we will ensure that we bring your people on that journey with you.

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