A Work Life in Flow

Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force
Lao Tzu

Ever wondered what it would be like for your life to feel completely effortless? Like you just breezed through your days, without hustling, striving, or pushing? Like you just moved with ebb and flow of the world around you, yet still got to where you want to go?

Embracing the quietness of the festive break, I had the space and time to reconnect with myself and realign my actions with those of the life I want to lead. A truly liberating thought.

Each year at this time I work my way through my Live a Life by Design workbook, checking in with my life plan and correcting course. I also use this time to set an intention for my year ahead. A word that anchors me to the state that I want to embrace for the year ahead.

This year my word is FLOW.

Whilst it came so effortlessly and easy this year, the layers of what this word means to me run far deeper than you might think. For me it’s a new way of living and an experiment for the year ahead.

One that embodies joy, embraces the cyclical nature of the world around us and within us and acknowledges our own unique design.

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